John's Story

My wife and I have been deeply scarred by what happened. We still trust in the power and love of God, and we learnt a lot from the experience, but we would never choose to go through something like that again.
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Brad's Story

I didn’t end up just losing my job. We ended up losing our church family, our ministry, our home, our local community, our kid’s school and we didn’t know what was next.
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Gary's Story

"However, soon after I had established a paid position my boss began bullying me and placing impossible, contradictory demands on me. "
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David's Story

"I resigned from the parish, and from ministry. I spiralled into depression."
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Alan's Story

"it didn't matter that he had promised that I could stay in the parish, because (I quote) “I'm the rector and I can do what I want.”
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George's Story

"I cannot tell you why I was dismissed five years ago from my church employment."
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Caroline's Story

"...and I never answered the door again."
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Katy's Story

Theoretically I met with my boss weekly. But he’d often not turn up at the arranged time. When I asked him to email or text me if he wasn’t coming, he responded that I was being unrealistic and his preferred method of communication was face to face.
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Sam's Story

"I couldn’t understand why the person who was to oversee and mentor me would be so callous."
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Michael's Story

"...what I have had to endure is bullying in the workplace. "
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