Bullying Vol. 2

This follow up to the Bully Vol 1 post was going to deal with what we need to do about bullying leaders in the evangelical church. But a couple of questions, particularly some privately asked by a trusted and wise friend in leadership, means that we need to double down on some of the “Why” stuff.
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Bulling Vol. 3

Imagine a man who was a perpetrator of domestic violence allowing his wife to leave the family home with no threat of stalking, and with a generous pay-out to get her started up again. His only condition? Sign an NDA – a non-disclosure, or non-disparagement agreement.
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Bullying – The Johnmark Extension 2018

Bullying is always an abuse of power.
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10 Differences Between Healthy, Strong Leadership and Bullying Behaviour

Attributes and actions of a healthy strong leader and of a bullying leader
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Legal Advice re Employment Status of Assistant Ministers

Terceiro Legal Consulting has provided written legal advice to Gospel Workers Advocacy on the issue of whether Assistant Ministers are properly characterised as employees for the purposes of the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA). Please read the article below.
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