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We are the transformed people of God advocating for fellow Gospel Workers.


We live in a fallen world and unfortunately the mistreatment of church workers is currently a widespread and serious problem among churches and Christian organisations. When church workers are mistreated, in the short term it results in reputational loss for churches, and in the long-term it damages those church workers, their churches and gospel proclamation. In the worst cases fellow brothers and sisters can abandon the faith. So, our purpose as the GWAG is to address this problem and create a different future for Gospel Workers that will be transformative for all the people of God.
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We picture a future where God’s people treat each other with love, dignity and respect in all circumstances of their lives, and especially within Christian workplaces.. We want all different types of church workers – assistant ministers, women’s ministers, children’s ministers, music leaders, administration assistants, etc.; to know that they are not alone but have fellow brother and sisters to stand beside them. We want every church worker to feel supported, encouraged, safe and to be empowered to know that they have options for their future.

We picture a future where churches and Christian organisations are safe and healthy places for Christian workers to serve the Lord. We want these organisations to be characterized by a culture of love, truth and justice that infuses every relationship. We want every church to be a light on the hill, distinct from the world in the way it treats its workers so that it reflects the future heavenly kingdom that we are heading towards. The GWAG believes that when we head towards this future where church workers are empowered and church organisations are safe and healthy places it will bring glory to our great God.


When a Gospel Worker takes on a role within a Christian organization they are embarking upon a journey. Their journey begins with the agreement to take on a role, it will then involve carrying out their duties and at some point, it will end.

When a Gospel Worker walks this journey, they will have periods when their role is going well and periods when their role is not – the good times and the bad times. Sometimes they will go through a time of crisis and can feel quite alone and neglected, especially if they are being mistreated. The GWAG seeks to walk with a Gospel Worker upon that journey through all the ups and downs, shoulder to shoulder, and especially in times of crisis. We seek to provide help at each stage of that journey so that a Gospel Worker can know that they are never really alone. They will always have someone to lean upon and even to carry them through. We want to walk this journey together. Our activity to support Gospel Workers can be broken down into 5 different categories of activity:
We are educating the people of God about the problem of when Gospel Workers are mistreated and how to treat them instead with dignity, respect and love within the workplace. We are equipping Gospel Workers with the tools and resources they need to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities as employees, so they can have a faithful and fruitful ministry appointment. We are educating Christian organisations and their leaders about how to build cultures in their workplaces that are encouraging, affirming, and constructive so that their workers are managed in a godly and law-abiding fashion. We are seeking to raise awareness of these issues amongst a variety of different people so that there is a better understanding and response in the different circumstances that can arise.

We are a conduit of information sometimes providing our own resources and on other occasions pointing people to external information that they can access and use. A key point of contact for the GWAG is our website. On our website you will be able to find links to pamphlets, articles, blogs, recommended books, etc. Our resources address a whole range of topics such as what to ask in an interview process to the systemic problems in some Christian organisations.
The GWAG is a movement of the people of God. We come from different walks of life, yet we are united by a common vision and we are passionate about accomplishing this vision. We want others to join us in this task because we believe it is a worthy task that brings glory to God by furthering his mission in this world. We want every Gospel Worker to join us to be informed and help advocate for others. We are a movement of people and when we gather together as one body in solidarity we can be more effective in supporting each other. The more people who are involved in this task the better we will be able to serve Gospel Workers and accomplish our vision. If you are interested, then please send us an email and let us know about how you would like to help.
When Gospel Workers are facing times of crisis they can often feel very alone with no one to support them and speak up for them. The GWAG advocates for Gospel Workers in times of crisis, especially when there is a situation of mistreatment. We are the voice calling out in a time of darkness so that the Gospel Worker is not ignored by others but heard. Our focus is mainly upon issues of employment; however, this will often extend into a variety of different areas.

Our advocacy for Gospel Workers extends to the organisations that they are working in. In many Christian organisations, especially churches, there is often a power imbalance that exists between the Employer and Employee. This can leave workers feeling vulnerable and unsafe. We are advocating to correct this power imbalance so that there are greater protections for Gospel Workers. We are advocating so that proper process is followed by employers which will result in better accountability and transparency. We are a voice for those who are often unfortunately the voiceless.
An extension of our advocacy work is to help Gospel Workers obtain justice in situations where they have been mistreated. Seeking justice allows wrongs to be made right, gives a chance for sinners to repent, and organisations to grow in their ability to love and care for their gospel workers, all for the glory of God. We recognise that we live in a fallen world and so our ability to achieve justice in this age is limited. However, where the avenues are available to us we will seek justice for Gospel Workers, justice for the perpetrators, justice for churches and justice for denominations. Our hope is that justice can be obtained within the organisation itself but recognise that government and legal authorities have been placed there by God to punish wrongdoers. In some situations, this will mean seeking disciplinary action against an employer and in others it will mean facilitating a just legal outcome. Part of the services that we offer is to help find answers to any legal questions that you might have.
When a Gospel Worker goes through a time of crisis and mistreatment in their workplace it will result in great damage to their life. The GWAG is there to help pick up the pieces and put them back together for those who go through these experiences. We provide triage in situations where things have gone bad. Our first suggestion will be to point Gospel Workers to the God of all comfort.  Often there are many questions and doubts that arise in experiences like this and He can provide answers. As his ambassadors we offer personal support. We can be the sympathetic ear to the situation that you are facing. There is also a Facebook support group that we can invite Gospel Workers into. In this group there are many others who have had difficult experiences in their church ministry lifecycle. This provides a community of brothers and sisters who understand. We can provide references for psychological and emotional support and advice so that you can have trained professionals giving you the best assistance possible. Our goal is to see your life restored so that you can continue to serve our great God.


The values we have adopted as the GWAG have been given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and we are seeking to integrate them into everything that we do. For many of us we have been through experiences where we have been mistreated so these values have been refined through the crucible of ministry hardship. These values are often counter to what we have experienced, and they shape the culture of our group, so that they infuse all our relationships both internally and externally. These are the values that we cherish as an organisation and set us apart from the world around us. They are summed up in the biblical principle of love which undergirds everything that we do.
Jesus Christ gave us the greatest example of humility and we seek to emulate this example in all our interactions. We do not consider ourselves greater than others but only servants called into our Lord’s service. We seek to look towards others best interests.  He has given us many gifts which we seek to give in service of others . The leadership we provide in a variety of circumstances is characterised by servant leadership where we seek to empower those who are following us, not lording it over them but lifting them up and encouraging them to honour our God. We recognise that we are fallen and sometimes we will make mistakes and we get it wrong, and in those situations we seek to show humility by displaying genuine repentance.
Our Lord has given us great strength that we can use to serve him. However, we do not use this strength to intimidate, force or manipulate others to do our will, instead we seek to show control as a group and instead use our strength in the service of others. In everything that we do our goal is to ensure that our actions are characterised by kindness, tenderness and gentleness. This is especially important when we disagree with others or if we are in a situation of conflict.  We rely upon the Lord to help us so that we can show gentleness in all of our interactions.
Our goal is to show genuine care for the wellbeing of others, irrespective of who it is that we are interacting with or the circumstance that we are in. We know that every person has their own unique pressures they are faced with and where possible we try to understand this so that we can be compassionate. Yet we also understand the unique experiences that a Gospel Worker can go through, especially in times of crisis. In those situations, we seek to empathise with the Gospel Worker so that we can be sensitive to what they’re facing and show genuine care, concern and support for them.
Our great God has given us his Word so that we can know his will and we can live it out in our lives.  This is the basis upon which our group has been established and it is our guidebook for how we seek to carry ourselves as a group in all our actions and decisions. The Scriptures are our touchpoint, our source of sustenance, and they direct everything that we do.  If we are unsure of the decision that needs to be made, if we disagree with those around us, then we turn to the Scriptures to find a resolution.  As we are on this journey together we are consistently seeking faithfulness to his word.
Over the generations the Lord’s people time and again have faced challenging and difficult situations that in the moment seems overwhelming. In those situations, the Lord calls his people to be strong and courageous.  Many of the situations that we find ourselves in are challenging and at times can seem overwhelming.  Our goal is to be strong and courageous in those situations. We trust in the Lord to give us the strength to do his will.  We know that sometimes this will come at great cost, but we are willing to make sacrifices because we are seeking to emulate the courage of our Saviour Jesus Christ.
We are a group that is deeply committed to the truth.  Yet sometimes facing the truth can be difficult and it can be even harder to speak the truth knowing that sometimes others don’t want to hear the truth.  But we believe in a God who is the Truth and irrespective of the challenges this is what we stand upon. This is very important in many of the situations that we are dealing with where the truth can get lost and ignored. Our goal is to ensure that the truth is our foundation, the truth is what we are facing, and the truth is what we are declaring, even in the face of those who are more powerful than us.
As we interact with others outside our group wherever possible we seek to work in partnership with those people and organisations.  In many of those instances we are united by the same Gospel and we have received the same Word therefore we will seek to work together. Sometimes it will be necessary for us to disagree with others and in some situations our disagreement can turn into confrontation.  When we disagree, we will disagree with love, humility, gentleness, compassion, faithfulness, truth and courage. It is our intention to resolve these situations as peaceably as possible so that we will be able to continue moving forward together in partnership to accomplish our vision.
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