Those who have been mistreated, abused or unfairly dismissed.
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The Gospel Workers Advocacy Group (GWAG) is a group of people who are defined by the gospel. In the gospel we encounter the Son of God, Jesus Christ who laid down his life for us and is now the resurrected Lord.

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Bullying Vol. 1

The biggest risk to conservative evangelical church movements today is not the hostility of a toxic external culture. A far bigger risk to the movement, if recent sobering conversations I have had are any indication, is the internal toxic culture. In short, evangelical church movements have a massive problem with the workplace bully at the moment.
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Guarding the Flock

The last ten years have shown it is possible to be a Christian preacher with global influence, to have authored widely read books, to head an internationally recognized ministry, to be a household name among evangelicals, to be a leader of leaders—and yet to be a sexual predator or a narcissistic bully. Or perhaps both. The offences have been diabolical, the falls precipitous, the harm incalculable.
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Bullying Vol. 2

This follow up to the Bully Vol 1 post was going to deal with what we need to do about bullying leaders in the evangelical church. But a couple of questions, particularly some privately asked by a trusted and wise friend in leadership, means that we need to double down on some of the “Why” stuff.
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We live in a fallen world and unfortunately the mistreatment of church workers is currently a widespread and serious problem among churches and Christian organisations.

When church workers are mistreated, in the short term it results in reputational loss for churches, and in the long-term it damages those church workers, their churches and gospel proclamation. In the worst cases fellow brothers and sisters can abandon the faith.

So, our purpose as the GWAG is to address this problem and create a different future for Gospel Workers that will be transformative for all the people of God.

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Caroline's Story

"...and I never answered the door again."
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Alan's Story

"it didn't matter that he had promised that I could stay in the parish, because (I quote) “I'm the rector and I can do what I want.”
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Katy's Story

Theoretically I met with my boss weekly. But he’d often not turn up at the arranged time. When I asked him to email or text me if he wasn’t coming, he responded that I was being unrealistic and his preferred method of communication was face to face.
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George's Story

"I cannot tell you why I was dismissed five years ago from my church employment."
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